Components of a Machine Control System

The complete Platform

John Deere 700H Crawler Dozer LGP with Carlson Grade and Sokkia GPS


This particular computer was produced by KEE Technologies, which recently acquired by Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. The software running on this unit is Carlson Grade from Carlson Software.

GPS Receiver

This is a Sokkia 2600 GPS unit with a Satel Radio Modem. While this mounting method is not preferred, it does allow the unit to be quickly removed and replaced in this open cab environment.

GPS Antenna

Atop this mast resides a Novatel ANT-532-C which is an active L1/L2 GPS Antenna that is also aircraft rated.

Hydraulic Controls

This is the user interface for the MOBA hydraulic controls. Not pictured is an electro-hydraulic valve plumbed parallel with the OEM manual hydraulic valve.

Slope Sensors

These are MOBA slope sensors. The one on blade is a single axis while the one on the mast mounting plate is a dual-axis.

Junction Plate

This particular junction box, while a common point for connection problems, provides a quick means of detaching the expensive hardware out front, in case the dozer needs to be used for harsher tasks like clearing brush.

Under the Hood MOBA Interface

This particular box is a junction point for all the MOBA hydraulic controls and sensor signals. Note the CAN-RS-232 control hanging in the picture.