Machine Control Data Preparation

Our specialty. Given either printed drawings, scanned drawings or digital vector files (dxf, dwg, dgn) we can build a 3D model of your project.

We just don’t take a set of drawings and turn over a finished product. We strive to work with the contractor to produce a model by which they will actually build by, not a model they will have to fight the entire project.

We understand that a project is built piecemeal , that sometimes areas are intentionally over excavated and then refilled later. We can build your model with these things in mind.

What we Need

As mentioned we will require the project drawings in what ever format and media that is available. After receiving this data we will review it and prepare a project specific questionnaire for the client to complete. This questionnaire will contain questions and suggestions for how the data will be prepared for the project.

After returning the completed questionnaire we will prepare the model. However, before returning the model to the client we will submit a series of shop drawings to the client for approval. These shop drawings will include:

– Plan views with labeled spot elevations, labeled and stationed curb and gutter with drainage structures (if applicable)

– Plan views of building sub-grade areas

-In the case of complicated projects, or at the request of the client, we will also provide centerlines and profiles of certain areas.

Shop drawings will provided in the format of the clients choice : paper, dwg (minus the surface) or pdf

What we Provide

Upon client approval of the shop drawings we will provide the client with :

– a dwg containing line work for machine units
– a dwg file complete with the 3dfaces for office use
– tin/flt files representing the model surface

What it Costs

The time and cost required to build a model is project specific and depends on project size and complexity. So do not hesitate to contact us early, to get things rolling. However, we also realize that time is not always a luxury for the contractor. So for projects that move quickly from bid to ground breaking, we can provide quick, less accurate, models to get things started and refine them for fine grading as the grading work is ongoing.

We offer free estimates for our services, please contact us for details.