Volumetric Takeoffs

Working with the design drawings in either digital or printed form we can produce estimated volumetric’s for all kinds of earth moving projects for use in bidding purposes.

We can digitize both prints and scanned raster images. Once we have the data vectorized, either through digitization or from the original vector files, we can generate volumetric reports of yardage, taking into account whatever mitigating factors the contractor may foresee. Takeoffs can be as detailed as the contractor may desire and may include such things as :

– Areas Disturbed
– Projected Topsoil Stripping
– Report Areas / Volume Under Pavement
– Report Areas / Volume to Receive Topsoil

We can also produce colored cut/fill maps, and cross-sections and profiles about whatever axis the client may desire, arbitrary or otherwise.

We understand the competition of the bidding process. You may rest assured we will not disclose your company’s interest, or lack there of, in a project to anyone.

We offer free estimates for our services, please contact us for details.