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Carlson Software Surface Manager

How many times have you pieced together the spot elevation data on a set of plans, triangulated it and then contoured it only to find isolated areas where the triangulation routine did not quite get it right? I sometimes contour … Continue reading

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A Word About DTMs and TINS

Seems I have gotten ahead of myself, I have started posting about things like DTMs and TINs and I have not attempted to explain what they are. For starters, a DTM is a Digital Terrain Model and a TIN is … Continue reading

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Why Things Like Alignments and Typical Sections Matter

Occasionally I encounter a set of grading plans with nothing but contour lines as a guide to building a site. Seldom, if ever, does contour lines provide sufficient data to properly establish an accurate DTM from which to work. Allow … Continue reading

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Introduction to Machine Control

An area in which I place a great deal of thought these days is in machine control systems. Particularly those systems that are used as grade control for earth moving equipment, such as for dozers, excavators and road graders. This … Continue reading

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