The Rath's

That last post got me to thinking, “What happened to Randall Rath?” Why didn’t we do a better job with VB Design and CAD Vault? The core members, of which I was one, could have done better, but we were complacent with the fact that Randall and Ralph would always take care of us. Randall and Ralph gave us so much and asked only that we gave a little in return. We failed both of them and ourselves.

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4 Responses to The Rath's

  1. David says:

    I think Randall and Ralph got tired of people taking advantage of the “free” help that was being provided.

  2. Dave says:

    You’ve got a point, I never knew what it cost to run the sites but I do know there was several people donating, I realize though that it wasn’t enough to justify the level of time they spent.

  3. Chuck Hardin says:

    I miss Randall and his family a lot. VB Design was a family, we all learned so much but none of us learned what we should have. We all thought we were so busy…. I just wish Randall could see my family now. See how far we have come, what we are doing now. I have news for R.R. it would be nice to have late night chats with him and Jess again. Maybe a game of Diablo.

  4. Arizona says:

    I too miss Randall and his family. They are such wonderful people!
    Wherever they are, I hope they are doing good.

    Randall, If you should ever read this, my Thanks to you and your family for all the assistance you gave me!

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